1. Lilies at the uni

  3. 'In March read the books you've always meant to read'

    March 25, 1941, WPA Art Project Chicago

  5. Narzisse

  6. I have been away for more than 2 weeks.  I have been enjoying myself immensely in one of the most enjoyable places to be in—DAVAO!!!

    Ha! Bless that place! Everything is so cheap—and I mean cheap! Fool is the person who would starve there! Seriously.  And I honestly wonder why people leave such a place for better life in Manila!

    At any rate I am back here at home. Enjoying my life. Immensely. :D

  10. flowers at Sonya’s Garden

  11. Laguna de Bay, Summer 2008.

    Yes, I am spamming you with pictures of where I live.  Common sense: I don’t live smack right there in the water of the lake, duh.  I live in one of the towns that border the lake. :P

    Summer is lovely.  Is it not? (Except for the heat of course, it is definitely unforgiveable.)

  12. Laguna de Bay, Summer 2008.

    Sunset stroll at the lake.

  13. Laguna de Bay, Summer 2008.

    My home lake. :P

    It doesn’t look so pristine as it is in the pictures. Haha!

  14. Laguna de Bay, Summer 2008.

    The largest lake in the Philippines, if I’m not mistaken. And probably the most polluted one too—and this one’s a personal opinion.  The lake has deteriorated greatly owing to a lot of factors the most atrocious of which is the blatant disregard for Mother Nature.  Thanks to it, we now become regularly flooded everytime there’s a typhoon—a phenomenon quite unbelievable ten years ago when I small (heck I’m still small).  Whatever.

    Let me spam you with pictures taken from a summer stroll. :)

  15. Subic, Summer 2008.

    Found in my Flickr.