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I need to sleep.

Unfortunately, I can’t.  My bother of a brother installed himself in my bed since Father is sick and quarantined himself in the room that was occupied by my brother who is now occupying my bed and is also sick and my sister with whom I share my room with is also down with fever and hence went to sleep beside Mother and thus, all three rooms are occupied with each having someone with a fever and as it is highly obvious I am the only one yet who is not down with fever.  But…I need to get my sleep! I have been awake since 7 yesterday evening. Fuuuuuuuuuu!  I need to figure out where and how I will sleep. Arggggggh!

It’s raining!

Okay now, my head hurts big time (I can already feel it pounding) and my eyes are already terrible (they feel as if they are going to pop right out of their sockets already).  I have been up since 1 this morning doing my thesis and seriously I need a break.  I’m going to take a breather and a nap as well (my naps usually eat up about 4-5 hours minimum).

And then it rains…love love love the rain. Toodles!

photo by *dienuca at DeviantArt