1. Guess who. :D

  2. I spy something…

    Photo by Kate Sokoler.  Follow her on her blog at colormekatie.blogspot.com!

  4. "Please let me have some fish."

  5. Oh Brutus!

  7. I was not able to take a lot of pictures of this dragonfly. He (I’m supposing he’s a he) was a very feisty and flighty little thing; it also explains why the angle is quite weird. Haha! But it’s my first shot of one and I am indeed happy about it :D Yaheeee!

    I don’t see a lot of dragonflies nowadays, the same with fireflies…they usually come out during the summer.

    This was taken during the summer. :)

    Original photos found in my Flickr and in my DeviantArt.

  8. This is a swallowtail butterfly.  This is a Common Mormon butterfly (Papilio polytes) of the form stichius. It lays its eggs on our calamansi and pomelo plants.  It has become our “crusade” every summer to get the caterpillars once they turned green and no longer resemble bird droppings and then feed them inside the house.  They will then turn into a chrysalis and after 8 days open up and voila!

    ERRATA: I have previously misidentified this as a common lime butterfly and citrus swallowtail butterfly before.

  9. Grasshoppers are almost always painted in an unfavourable light and they always manage to get pitted against ants.  In the film A Bug’s Life they are the bad guys stealing from the ants and then in stories extolling hard work and industry they are again pitted against the ants.  I do remember reading the children’s books at the library in my former elementary school where they are depicted as playing all summer long while the ants toil all summer to get by when the rainy season comes.

    I don’t like ants. :P

    This photo was taken last year.  I was following this poor grasshopper at our backyard wall…poor him, he seems to have a leg missing. And he doesn’t seem to enjoy having his picture taken. :(

    Original photo found in my DeviantArt

  10. The honey-bee that wanders all day long The field, the woodland, and the garden o’er, To gather in his fragrant winter store, Humming in calm content his winter song, Seeks not alone the rose’s glowing breast, The lily’s dainty cup, the violet’s lips, But from all rank and noxious weeds he sips…
    —Anne Charlotte Lynch Botta

    I was trying to get a picture of the flower in Sonya’s Garden when the bee entered into view.  I was so excited but unfortunately for me, these two were the only ones that were decent enough.  Others came out blurred (boo!). Anyway, at least I was able to capture them (in pictures). C:

    Original photos found in my


  11. Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point.
    ~Blaise Pascal

    The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.

    la foto original en mi

  12. Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.

    ~Richard Carlson

    I need my life back! Effing manuscript. >.<

    la foto original en mi

  13. People who know little are usually great talkers, while men who know much say little.

    —Jean Jacques Rousseau

    Let me clear this though, Rousseau was not the one who coined the quote in the picture. 

  14. I think we all went through that stage.  I am assuming we all led normal childhoods.  It is quite an assumption I must admit since it is a fact that can never be generalised across the globe and among ages, but nonetheless makes explanation easy to do. So…

    Assuming we all led normal childhoods, I think we all went through that stage.  That particularly annoying stage.  There comes a time in the life of a student when teachers would suddenly come up with some hilarious proposition to showcase our talents to our parents and subject us to utter humiliation.  To the class diva or the class clown, this moment is the moment of it all.  But to most of us who belong to the majority which people normally call as the "average student," such thought is so revolting that we immediately scowl upon it to the point that we boycott it.  But, revolt as we may we always and still end up wearing those ridiculous costumes dancing in front of a myriad of people praying fervently for some storm or rain that could make the show an utter disaster.

    And the old ones always tell us, they too were once kids.


    I was once like that 15 years ago. Ha!  This is a “field demo” of my former elementary school in celebration of its 85th anniversary.  Yes, my school is THAT old.  A field demo is a school activity where a year level (shown here are kindergarten students) would perform a dance routine they practised for ages. Anyway, I think the kiddos look cute :P

  15. My sister and I at the zoo.  Gosh…this was agessss ago. (Fact: 16+ years ago) :D

    This was taken at the Higashiyama Park in Nagoya.  I already finished up my snacks and was asking for some more, but Father wouldn’t hear of it.  My sister was tempting me with hers (she still have her snacks).  I was quite a brat then (lol).

    No need guessing who’s who in the picture. :D