1. Asking for Help:

    (Top) November 4, 1650: A letter, written on silk, from the Grand Empress Dowager Helena Wang - the ‘honorary mother’ of the Yongli Emperor - asks Pope Innocent X for help

    (Bottom)’Letter of plea’: A visitor looks at a lengthy piece of correspondence written to Pope Paul III by Renaissance astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus circa 1535

    (Source: Daily Mail)

  2. Written in gold on a purple parchment, this privilegium was granted by Roman Empereror Otto I The Great in the 10th century

  3. The signature of Galileo Galilei is seen on a document displayed as part of the exhibition. A report on the Italian astronomer’s 1633 trial for asserting that Earth revolved around the Sun, is on show

  4. One sees a flame in the eyes of the young; But in the eyes of the old, one sees light.

    —Victor Hugo