1. A bit too early for spring

    It’s still the middle of winter here but this fella was probably a tad too excited

  3. Lilies at the uni

  6. (Source: Daily Mail)

  7. Narzisse

  8. Cornflower Blue

  12. Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

    ~Dylan Thomas

  13. The honey-bee that wanders all day long The field, the woodland, and the garden o’er, To gather in his fragrant winter store, Humming in calm content his winter song, Seeks not alone the rose’s glowing breast, The lily’s dainty cup, the violet’s lips, But from all rank and noxious weeds he sips…
    —Anne Charlotte Lynch Botta

    I was trying to get a picture of the flower in Sonya’s Garden when the bee entered into view.  I was so excited but unfortunately for me, these two were the only ones that were decent enough.  Others came out blurred (boo!). Anyway, at least I was able to capture them (in pictures). C:

    Original photos found in my