1. :P

  5. Dots or Stripes

  6. Tilt?

    by ~garnettrules21 on deviantART

  7. Marley and Me-esque

    by ~Langsvans

  8. Christmas is just around the corner! My! My! How time flies eh? xD

    From Miss ViVi Gold’s Photostream

  9. Hello there! :)

    I’ve been MIA for…2 days (or is it 3?). Anyway.  The internet service here was crap (BOOOOOOOOOOO! and Tumblr was acting weird lately).

    from Miss ViVi Gold

  10. Fetch by *GeeeO

    More of his works in DeviantArt

    I wish I could play fetch with Tofu just like this C:


    I have been MIA from the internet lately—was very busy with the paper works. Ergggggh.  I hope this makes you smile.  And yes, I really can’t wait for Christmas! :D

    More lovable doggie photos from Brian Burke’s Flickr stream.

  12. ¡Tofu mi bebé!

    Tofu…again in another photo that paints him in an unfavourable light and rather sullies his reputation as a respectable dog. 

    He is in the process of sneezing here, or at least the equivalent of which in dogs. He looks cute though in his quirky expressions. ;D

    Original photo found in my

  13. Aquí está otra foto de mi bebe Tofu. ;)

    La foto original está en mi DeviantArt.

  14. ¡Tofu mi bebe!

    Él es tan lindo, ¿verdad?

    La foto original en Flickr y en mi DeviantArt.