During my first year in college my term paper in one of our English classes was about China.  The more I read about China, the more I want to know about it.

I first got acquainted with the work of Zhang Yimou when we were shown in class a film of his entitled Not One Less.  It was a good film, and being a attracted to such kinds of movies I was intrigued as to what other works the director has done.

I was, much to my dismay, not able to find locally available copies of Zhang Yimou’s works here in our country despite being neighbours with China.  Argh.  The local stores only stock up on films from the US and from the local movie scene.  I was only able to watch the film in full in YouTube.  Yes, you read that right. 

I find the film very haunting, which makes me love it.  The film is really good.  It gives us view of how China is before.  In case you happened to see it at a movie store, go grab it, buy it and watch it! :)