In our wee postgrad office…

Agustin: PUTA MADRE!!! Finally I’m done!

Sami: What does that mean?

Agustin: What? Oh what I said? Hehe. Forget it Sami.

Sami: Oh come on please. Did you know what he said? You understand it right?

Anna: Yeah. But literally it doesn’t sound great in English.

Sami: Why not? It shouldn’t mean bad ‘cause he’s saying it? Right?

(Sami’s from Ethiopia, Agustin’s from Argentina)

So sis is flying over to Melbourne tomorrow around 6 AM which means we have to take her to the airport around 4 or at least 2 hours before her flight she’s already at the airport. I had to rush knitting this beanie which was a request from her errrr three weeks ago—which is yet another sad but very potent reminder that I clearly got my priorities straight lately. Not to mention that my supervisor’s already asked me to send her an email if I was able to make do with the do-file and I am yet to make the revisions. In other news, because I had to rush finishing this beanie, I forgot my huge embroidery needles (the big-eyed ones that one uses to thread the whole thing together) and I hate going back home to retrieve them as I need to watch the how-to youtube video, that I resorted to creating a makeshift embroidery needle out of a paper clip. It works, although I needed to be careful lest it snags some random thread and it’s quite a struggle getting it unsnagged. But yeah, it works. And we have rats at home—that is, my mum’s colleague is going away to France for six weeks and we are rat-sitting her two huge pet rats named Rata and Touille (she’s French in case you’re wondering). Oh dear. Six weeks. I’ve had four-legged canines before but not rodents. They are cute though, but man, six weeks. On Monday I also begin my life as a teaching assistant. Oh the humanity.

Abba: You see Anna, to me you are white.

Me: Haha. I don’t think so Abba. I’m not white, but yeah, I’m lighter. But it doesn’t matter. I mean, people don’t see me as white white. White-skinned probably but not white, you know?

Abba: Yes, I see, hahaha. But you know Anna, at least they don’t get scared of you, unlike they get scared of us Africans, especially in the night!